You can read some of the reviews of our online ‘Kind Mind’ course below:

“I found the Kind Mind course extremely helpful in getting me back to the basics of feeling joy and happiness in the daily things that I do and helping me to recognise what activities re-charge me, as opposed to deplete or drain me. The practical tips and strategies have enabled me to come out of my daily funnel of exhaustion and stress. Thank you” Julie, Barrister, West Midlands.


“I completed the kind mind course on recommendation as my self esteem had taken a serious knock following a life changing illness. I found the workbook essential as a companion to the course, taking you step by step through the process of changing my very judgemental, ‘unkind mind’ into a more healthy kind mind. I have found that I feel more in control and feedback from others close to me say I have a more positive and less cynical outlook. Looking forward to next online course in the near future, thanks OutdoorCure!” Gill A, Shropshire.

“I have just completed the Kind Mind online course and found it really beneficial. It was particularly influential as I did part one and two before I was due to have surgery on my ankle and part three and four after my operation. It really helped as it was like someone was really listening to me, which may sound strange but that someone was me. I was able to write down things I probably would not have said if I had attended a course with other people. I would be afraid of being judged. The workbook especially helped as writing things down in an organised way helped keeping me focussed. The course was very well laid out and easy to understand. I much prefer this way of learning and the use of videos and visual representations far more than reading a book or attending a face to face course. It helped me not only be more kind to myself but focus on the things I can do rather than the things I cannot do. I now feel so much more motivated and happy as a person. I fully recommend this course to all.” Windmill Healthcare.


“I was recommended OutdoorCureOnline’s Kind Mind course by a friend and I have to admit I was a bit reluctant at first! However, by the end of part one I had already started to learn and understand more about why I constantly felt so stressed and tired all of the time. The course guides you through the ‘think simple, think different’ approaches and they are so easy to fit into your everyday life. This course really has changed the way I do things and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks OutdoorCure!!” Alice, Staffordshire.