What is coaching?

  • Put simply, coaching supports you to move forward with your life, whether this is developing in a specific area, or changing direction.

What online coaching packages do we offer?

  • Career Coaching: Are you in a job that you hate or feel undervalued, unfulfilled and trapped? If you feel stuck in the mindset ‘I should be thankful I have a job’, have too many responsibilities or bills to pay, then you may benefit from taking a step back and looking at your options from a different perspective. Most of us are likely to spend 45-50 years working! That’s a long time not to be happy. We spend more time at work than anything else in our lives so why not do something you love? Imagine the additional energy you would have for hobbies, family and friends. Career coaching can involve a career change, or simply focusing on your current job to help you understand what you actually want. We specifically look at job role and person fit. Not so much ‘do you fit in with the job?’ but more ‘does the job fit with you?’. We explore how your current role fulfils you, develops you and harnesses your skills. We have specialist vocational coaches who can support you in identifying your vision, formulating a set of attainable goals and a plan of action required to get you there. Our Career Coaching package could include: exploring what you want to do if you are out of work, thinking about returning to employment after time off, or are a graduate; return to work support following long term illness / sickness – we can help you to identify potential obstacles and have the expertise to offer return to work plans with reasonable adjustments to enable a smoother transition; CV writing; interview coaching; looking at different careers to give you a better work life balance, career progression within your area of expertise.
  • Health Coaching: Sometimes you wake up wanting a lifestyle overhaul, or something may have triggered the need for change, such as a sudden illness. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to go it alone. We specialise in health coaching where we focus on improving your quality of life. We provide you with coaching that helps you cope with symptoms and assists you during recovery. You may recognise some of the following: feeling overwhelmed, hopeless or lost – ‘not knowing who you are now’ following your illness or problems with sleeping. We assist you to get to know the new you. We breakdown your feelings of being overwhelmed and go through step by step to build new resources. This may involve; stress management; sleep well routines; implementing self-care and ‘pacing’ into your daily life. All too often we overlook our mental well-being and just plough on through day to day with what we have to do.
  • Mindset Reset / Creative Coaching: We all recognise the term ‘creative’ but many associate this with artists, musicians and writers. At OutdoorCure we like to think outside the box. Our motto is ‘Think Different Think Simple’ so we embrace utilising the creative part of us that often gets shut down in adulthood. We believe that giving this side of us an awakening can get you thinking in new and different ways, bringing about new ideas, thinking outside the box, solving problems, smashing barriers and obstacles that once stood in your way. This approach is not only for the ‘creative arty ones’ it really is for anyone looking to live differently. Are you tired of living the same, eat sleep repeat pattern? We challenge you by providing you with questions and space to explore your creative brain, your ideals, lifestyle desires, values and really explore the hidden you. Maybe you have a destination in mind, a new venture and need some help in implementing it. You may be seeking your creative purpose having hundreds of ideas but never seem to start any. We can help you start it. Maybe you want to find the inner you? We can help you uncover the layers you have placed over inhibiting you just being you. Warning – this approach is dynamic, motivating and requires your commitment to follow through. In return you will think differently, you will overcome self-doubt and embrace lifestyle changes you want to make. Are you ready for change? Are you up for the challenge? Contact us now for a free consultation to see if we are the right fit for you.
  • Generic / Personal Development Coaching: Many of our clients often know what it is that they want to focus on and involves one or several aspects. For others it is more generic and requires more of an umbrella approach on your life. For this we will explore life goals, dreams and where you want to be in life. We will address personal obstacles, whether this is relationships, self-esteem, financial issues, work-life balance or time management. We focus on increasing your self-awareness and looking at your strengths and weaknesses to improve your current position. We support you in how to get there by assisting you to gain clarity on all these areas and make a personal development plan. We are with you on your journey whilst you make those first steps and will show you how to keep momentum by reflecting, reviewing, tracking progress and amending to maintain motivation. This also has a huge impact on your confidence.

Why online coaching?

  • Historically, coaching has taken place in a formal indoors setting. OutdoorCure evolved to offer this outdoors with a walk and talk ‘off the couch’ approach. With OutdoorCureOnline this evolved further and we now offer online, email and telephone sessions as more convenient, accessible and affordable alternative. We are really excited to open our doors to quite literally everyone: if you cannot arrange or afford childcare; if you are too unwell to get out of the house; if you do not live locally or are an international client; if your job or commitments mean you could not attend a regular slot session; if you are part of the deaf community or have a hearing impairment (an interpreter is now not needed); if you have anxiety and just can’t face one to one contact – the list goes on and on!

What are the benefits of online coaching?

  • We have been able to make this form of coaching more affordable as it reduces costs on things like travel, staff, venue hire, car parking, childcare and cancellations for both us and you.
  • There is now more flexibility and time availability so we can offer you sessions with reduced waiting time. Sessions can take place quicker and if you are unwell or don’t feel up to a session there is no need to rebook. You get seamless and continual coaching at your pace, you don’t even have to get dressed or out of bed!
  • Anonymity – no more feeling uncomfortable while answering difficult questions face to face. Our clients have found they feel less inhibited to discuss personal areas. Via email you are able to take the time to reflect in a safe place free from distraction. This offers a more personal efficient approach harnessing greater success.

So how does it work and what does it involve?

  • We currently offer coaching via email exchange giving you access to work with a psychologist coach. We will initially ask you to tell us via email the areas or presenting issue / difficulty you would like to work on and some background information.
  • Your coach will then respond and may ask further questions of ascertain whether or not online coaching is the appropriate coaching method for you. This usually depends on your area and/or issue and preferences. This is because we want to support you to move forward, so if we think there is a more appropriate route for you, we will make alternative suggestions or signpost. If we agree online coaching would be beneficial and you are happy to work with us, we will send you the following; privacy and confidentiality policy; cancellation policy; questions to help us identify the desired outcomes of coaching; time frame suggested; fee structure (dependent on time frame recommended), agreements of service (a contract of how many times you can email your coach and response times). Generally, we don’t limit the amount of emails you send to your coach and we aim to respond* within 24 hours during working hours Monday-Friday.
  • Once you are happy for the online coaching to commence, you will be sent a welcome pack or workbook before the coaching commences.
  • Following your initial session and responses, your coach will then offer tailored recommendations, strategies, questions and resources to progress you on your journey. The outcomes will be a measure of success and be regularly referred to so you are on track to success. This in-depth response is sent out weekly or fortnightly on agreed dates depending on your needs.

*A great benefit to this approach is that you can email your coach at any time to keep them updated on progress or for additional guidance allowing you to communicate in real time as opposed to waiting several days for your next face to face coaching session. There is no restriction on how often you email your coach and we do aim to get back with a brief response to you within a 24-hour period during the office hours (Monday-Friday). Your in-depth feedback is still sent out on agreed date.