Do you want to create a compassionate culture in your organisation, transforming it into a place where people want to belong?


We have developed a unique training package aimed at creating a shift in the workplace so that it becomes a place for both creating and harnessing connections.


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Many organisations are in a position where they are being asked to deliver more and more, but with the added pressure of having less resources available to do so. As a result, there has been a huge decline in wellbeing in the workplace. Stress and anxiety are on the rise and this is leading to an increase in both staff absence and turnover.


Our full package consists of three levels:


                          Level One:              Compassionate Leadership Programme

                          Level Two:              Creating Compassionate Teams

                          Level Three:           Self compassion in the workplace at the individual level.


Each of these levels can also run as a stand-alone course.


Why not take steps to change your workplace culture today?

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