We tend to live life at such a fast pace, often juggling several roles and tasks at any one time. When we are rushing from one thing to the next, it is so easy to forget to pause and breathe and reflect on how we are feeling. We often operate on autopilot and this is when we miss the cues our body sends us, which would perhaps tell to slow down a little, take some time out or do a self-care activity. Having a greater awareness of how we are feeling helps us to make better choices, to be more compassionate to ourselves and to increase our own wellbeing. So, how in touch do you feel with your body at a given point in the day? If you have been nodding along, knowing that you often forget to check in with yourself – have a read of our top tips below.


The OutdoorCureOnline Guide to Checking in With Yourself – Mind, Body and Soul.

  • Get moving! Most of us spend a lot of the day sitting which can make our bodies feel stiff. If we get up and moving, opening up our bodies with be a simple set of stretches; a walk or a workout – we become more present and aware.
  • Laugh and smile. When we laugh or smile a signal is sent to our brains that something good is happening. Spend time with people who make you laugh or smile, watch some stand up comedy or simply smile throughout the day. Experiment and notice how it makes you feel.
  • Get to know your body! Lie down, close your eyes and simply put the time into the sensations you are feeling within. Are you warm? Cold? Tense? Tingling? Practicing this makes it become easier and easier.
  • Be more Superman. The Superman stance can actually increase confidence and lower stress. Try it – back straight, chest out and open and hands on your hips. Stay in the position for a while and see how you feel afterwards.
  • Be mindful as you do everyday tasks. When we do something on repeat, it is easy to forget to evoke our senses and be mindful. Next time you do the dishes, explore it from a sensory perspective.
  • Set an alarm on your phone for several times a day as a reminder to check in with your body and how you are feeling. It might feel strange at first but will soon become a positive habit that can help you choose whether you need to do something different for your own wellbeing.
  • Take time to absorb the positive. It is so much easier to focus on the negative things we feel and ignore the positive. So next time you feel happy, joyful, excited or relaxed – take the time to truly notice and feel it deeply.

We are off to do our Superman stance now!

The OutdoorCureOnline Team x

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