There has never been a more relevant time to talk about gardening. We have been resisting going to our favourite outdoor places and some are even closed to the public currently. We are restricting our movements to the local area – no escaping to explore different places until things have changed! Lockdown, for many (including us), has meant getting those outstanding jobs done in the house and garden. The house has been done to death, there is only so much you can do unless you are undergoing a complete renovation, but the garden is everchanging and ever growing – a constant source of movement, change and colour. Even more pleasingly, there has been much research done citing a link between gardening and wellbeing. Research in Sweden, for example found that the more people used their gardens, the fewer incidents of stress they suffered. A report in the Mental Health Journal found gardening to be able to reduce stress, improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Not bad for an activity that many of us can access with relative ease. So our blog today is focused on the benefits that gardening can have on our wellbeing.


The OutdoorCureOnline 7 Wellbeing Greats of Gardening
1) Most of us are probably aware that gardening burns calories – we also use a range of movements without even realising it – AND we also improve the strength and dexterity of our hands with those vigorous and agile exercises! All round win!
2) Home grown happiness – being outdoors, being present and in the moment and also looking positively towards the future when planting has a brilliant effect on our happiness levels.
3) Gardening can be used socially (well maybe not right now!) but some areas have community gardens looking for volunteers or local groups.
4) There is nothing more satisfying than growing something or completing a garden project. Let the sense of accomplishment wash over you.
5) Seeing the bigger picture… weather, seasons, insects and animals – there is so much of Mother Nature to take in to account that you really do feel part of something bigger.
6) Studies have shown that too little vitamin D can increase our risk of heart disease and stroke. Spending time outdoors, especially doing mini gardening tasks breaks up time spent indoors!
7) Free anger therapy – after a bad day doing some of the heavier garden tasks or grabbing a shovel and digging is a great way to reduce those more negative feelings.
We stopped at just 7 benefits… let us know if you find any more!
The OutdoorCureOnline Team x


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