We all have those days, weeks or even months (!) where we feel worn out, run down and overwhelmed. Even the smallest of task can feel mountainous and despite being exhausted, sleep remains elusive and broken. Your body, mind and yes probably soul too are screaming at you – ‘spend some time on us please’ but it is as though we have forgotten how. And, to make it worse, if we do remember, we last a few days before returning to the same cycle of impending stress and exhaustion. So how can we do things differently? You may have heard the terms ‘self care’ or ‘self compassion’ and wondered what they are, how on earth you would have time to fit them into your already bursting-at-the-seams week, or have no clue how to make the changes needed.

Self care is basically an action we take to look after our body, mind or emotional wellbeing. It is doing what makes our soul happy and – this is the biggie – it is about being self aware and listening to ourselves. Self care is different for everyone. It is as unique as you are. Spend time on developing your knowledge of what works for you! We have rounded up the best of the self care activities from Outdoorcure HQ. So – take your time, experiment and find out what recharges you.

The OutdoorCureOnline Guide to Self Care Activities:

1)      Do something creative – colour, paint, make some jewellery or upcycle something in your house. It doesn’t matter if you are no good at it – no-one needs to see. Just let go, have a go and enjoy the experience.

2)      Make a nest – find your cosy spot in the house and set up camp. Take a drink, a snack, something to do whether this is reading, watching a programme, a puzzle. Get into your nest and give yourself permission to stop and do your chosen activity guilt free.

3)      Clear out that messy spot in the house that you have been meaning too for weeks now. Getting organised can often make us feel refreshed cognitively, whether it is having a clear our or writing a list.

4)      Take some time out of adulthood. We take our adult selves so seriously sometimes that we forget to have fun. So, shoot some hoops, wear your hair messy or add something fun to your outfit. Watch a silly movie that you used to love, or phone a childhood friend.

5)      Get outdoors! (I know, I know – but we held off until number 5!) Go for a walk, a run, climb a mountain or simply stand in your garden and experience new sounds, sights and sensations.

6)      Have a mindful shower or bath, pay attention to smells of the products you are using and take the time to ask what you want from your day or week.

7)      Shake it out! Put on your favourite music and dance around, sing or be silly. Or, listen to your favourite album from start to finish. No multitasking – just that, listening.

There are hundreds of self care activities you could do, why not write a list or start experimenting with new ones. It’s a great excuse to start hobbies that you have always wanted to try.

In case you hadn’t noticed our excitement at the launch of our online self care course which is out today you can check it out here. There is a special offer on at the moment! The course takes you on a journey of how to listen to the you that is in there somewhere, buried in the mound of daily grind. Our reviews have been fantastic!

See you next week,

The OutdoorCureOnline Team x

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